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Solar Water Heater

Features :-

• Low Cost Solar Water Heating
• Easy to Install
• No Electricity Required
• Gravity Pressure Hot Water
• High Quality Evacuated Tubes.
• 150LPD Quality Evacuated Tues
• 150LPD,200LPD,300LPD capacity

  1. Storage tank is made from Stainless steel 316 sheet (marine grade steel)/copper sheet to the tank corrosion and for long lasting services.
  2. Weather tight Construction of corrosion resistant aluminum extruded sections of 16 swg thickness duly anodized.
  3. Single pane 4.0 mm thick low iron toughened glass rupture resistance and having over 85% transmittance and low reflectance to eliminate glare.
  4. Made of grooved copper sheet and copper tube structure soldered to each other providing maximum contact area for excellent heat transfer between nickel chrome coating to produce a superior selective surface having absorptivity 96% and very low emission of 20%.
  5. Attached to the insulation to reflect the emitted heat radiation to the absorber plate thus minimizing heat loss at the back.
  6. High density rock wool slabs are used a bottom and sides of the absorber plate to minimize heat loss.
  7. Made of Aluminum sheet 20 swg thick duly anodized.
  8. 12 mm copper water ways silver-brazed to 25mm copper manifolds an optimal ratio between diameters.
  9. Can be made at four locations with the help of bolts and nuts with rubber seals between the joints.


System Working

The collectors are placed at certain angle towards south facing to get whole day and year round performance. Cold water is filled in copper tubes and heated with the principal that black body absorbs more the absorber surface is coated black. Due to solar radiation falling on the absorber surface and converted into heat energy and transfer to water flowing through the tubes. At this stage cold water losses its density and becomes lighter. Due to this difference of hot and cold water.

The hot water is lifted automatically to the insulated hot water storage tank. Initially the hot water storage tank is filled with cold water supplied from cold water storage tank which is above hot water tank. The bottom of the cold water tank is minimum one feet above the top of the water tank to avail the pressure head of cold water which forces the heated water to rise up the cold water to take place of raised water. This process is called THEROMOSYPHON PROCESS. It is continuous automatic process and can hearts the water upto 60degreeC according to the design of system output.

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