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Battery Charger

We manufacture SMPS based, multistage, pure DC battery chargers are microprocessor controlled for fast and accurate charging of all deep-cycle batteries. A wide AC input voltage range enables proper delivery of a full three-stage charge, even when charging from less than perfect quality grid power or generator power.



  • Switching mode control (SMPS) based design
  • Charges batteries with constant voltage constant current
  • Protection against the reverse polarity of battery
  • Automatic over current limit
  • Alphanumeric LCD panel for user-friendly interface for 48V systems and LED display for 12V and 24V systems.
  • SMPS based Constant Current Constant Voltage Charger Working at 50KHZ
  • User-friendly operation and High efficiency
  • Covered terminal block with screw terminals for safe and easy connection.
  • Over voltage, under voltage and over current protection
  • Easy battery connection with clip leads
  • Intelligent Thermal Management



  • Sealed Maintenance Free Inverter and UPS Batteries
  • Lead Acid Inverter and UPS Batteries
  • Automotive Batteries



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