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Solar For Home & Industry

Solar Power

Solar power is energy from the sun. "Solar" is the Latin word for "sun" and it's a powerful source of energy. Without it, there will be no life. Solar energy is considered as a serious source of energy for many years because of the vast amounts of energy that is made freely available, if harnessed by modern technology.


It is renewable!

It is considered 'Renewable Energy' because...

  • The technology used to convert the sun's power into electricity does not produce smoke (carbon dioxide and other air pollutants).
  • Tapping the sun's energy does not usually destroy the environment.

Unfortunately, the sun does not available in the night, and in some days, clouds and rains and other natural conditions prevent the sun's powerful rays from reaching us. This means that it is not always available. This a why we cannot rely on solar energy alone.


Solar cells

Solar cells are devices that convert light energy directly into electrical energy. In these cells, there are semiconductors (silicon alloys and other materials). You may have seen small solar cells on calculators or some mobile phones. Larger arrays of solar cells are used to power road signs, and even larger arrays are used to power satellites in orbit around Earth. Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells or PV devices.



What are solar panels?

Solar panels are devices that convert light into electricity. They are called "solar" panels because most of the time, the most powerful source of light available is the Sun, called Sol by astronomers. Some scientists call them photovoltaics which means, basically, "light-electricity."

A solar panel is a collection of solar cells. Lots of small solar cells spread over a large area can work together to provide enough power to be useful. The more light that hits a cell, the more electricity it produces, so spacecraft are usually designed with solar panels that can always be pointed at the Sun even as the rest of the body of the spacecraft moves around, much as a tank turret can be aimed independently of where the tank is going.


Installation of Solar Roof Panels

Solar roof panels are the devices to be hanged at the top of the roof to capture solar energy and thus converting it into electrical energy. Thus, those converted energies can be useful in many places, commercial and non-commercial, both. As such, installation of solar roof panels can prove to be advantageous for the employer.

New roofing system has arrived to the market, replace your concreted roof with efficient solar roof panel and store sufficient electricity to accomplish your needs. A 5.47 kilowatt system has capacity to fuel 3000 sq feet area and also to cut the monthly electricity bill up to two-third. These roofs are worthy and valuable over the previous roofing system as it costs very cheaper in comparison to the previous one. One can have the panels for their use with their multiple uses. Hire a company which gives the complete installation of solar roof panels.

Indiagosolar.in aids you with the installation of solar roof panels on your rooftop. The waterproof, UV and scratch protected solar panel/s providing you the ultimate service. These qualities signify that you can use them in harsh situations round the years 24*7. Have your solar roof panels with Indiagosolar.in. To know more about the company's installation service, you can visit its site.

Products we provide:

  1. Ritika solar
  2. HBL
  3. Aditi
  4. Vikram
  5. PV Power
  6. Jackson
  7. Su-Kam


 Home,Office,Schools & Universities,Farm house, Villages ,Petrol Pumps ,Hospitals & Clinics

Solar solutions

1.Grid Tie Solar

Many homeowners who live in metro cities run their houses on Grid-tie solar system. This is a battery-less system that consists of grid-tie inverter and solar panels. This system is maintenance-free and helps in saving money on electricity as you generate your own electricity through solar.

2.Off-Grid Solar With Solar PCU

Off-grid solar is the most widely used solar power system by homeowners in India. It is suitable for areas that face frequent powercuts because it lets you save extra solar energy in batteries for use during powercuts.

Solar power solution

We provide solar power solutions for homes, hospitals, industries, banks, schools, etc. accoding to their load requirement and availability of space and budget.

Solar Roof Top Package – Off Grid

Converting sunshine into savings and a greener planet

India enjoys over 300 days of sunshine every year. Energy from the sun can potentially solve India’s perennial power crisis for all time to come, because the sun’s energy will never get exhausted. Solar energy is clean, renewable and inexhaustible. With solar power you can enjoy self-reliance by producing your own power, while also saving on huge electric bills. Solar power is ‘environment friendly’ – it protects the environment by reducing reducing pollution, thus lowering your carbon footprint and advancing local and national energy independence and security. Minimal maintenance, helps you take advantage of the reliable technology with PV modules typically backed by 25 year power-output guarantee. Reduces vulnerability to power loss while providing additional Government incentives and subsidies. Tirupati solar offers complete energy security, through the supply of photovoltaic systems anywhere in India. Tirupati solar’s high-performance solar power systems can supply reliable, environment-friendly energy under the most diverse geographic and climatic conditions. Tirupati solar brings you custom-made systems to create completely self-sufficient power supply. Once installed, this system will power all electrical appliances and applications through solar energy.


Solar PCU: Solar Power Conditioning unit (PCU) is an integrated system consisting of a solar charge controller, inverter and a Grid charger. It provides the facility to charger the battery bank either through Solar or Grid/DG set. The PCU always gives preference to the Solar Power and will use Grid/DG power only when the Solar Power/ Battery charger is insufficient to meet the load requirement.


Battery Bank: Su-Kam Power Bank series of Batteries are specially designed for optimum performance, very long life, and high reliability. These are eminently suitable for a wide range of applications.


PV Panel: Our PV modules are IEC 61215, IEC 61730 certified. In addition, a 90% power output guarantee for ten years and 80% power output guarantee for 25 years of the module life are provided.

Petrol Pump installations


Petrol pump packages

Solar Petrol Pump Solution 6000 – 6500 Ltrs/day

Rs.566,375.00 price including tax

Solar Plant offers efficient and economic ways to harness the solar energy touching to generate electricity in a Petrol Pump.
It takes care of complete filling station with indoor & outdoor lighting and fans.

It operates :- 
Indoor – 1 LED Lights 5 w each, 18 W LED tube light,1 Fan of 75 W
Outdoor- 2 LED Lights 40 w each,

- All the Nozzles of power consumption 0.75 HP would be connected with the Solar Power.
- Any four nozzles can be used at a time. 
- Preventive Maintenance Charges will be applicable from the second year.


Solar Petrol Pump Solution 2500-3000 Ltrs/day

Rs.349,130.00 price including tax

To energies your Petrol pumps with greener energy. This is the most Effective and Economical solution by using Solar panels, small battery which not only operates your petrol pumps throughout the day but also this Grid independent solution allows not to bother about location of your petrol pump site near Grid.

Solar Plant for Petrol Pump offer efficient and economic ways to harness the solar energy to generate electricity. 
-Can run 2 18 Watt LED Tube Light, 1 fan. 
-02 40W LED Outdoor Lights with back up of 5-6 Hrs. 
-02 Nozzles can be operated at a time. 
-Preventive Maintanance Charges will be applicable from the second year.

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